Team Profile

We are a team of undergraduate students studying Mechanical, Computer, and Electrical Engineering. The project is an extracurricular activity for some of us, and a project that counts for credit for the rest. Started a few years ago, the project was a collaboration between electrical engineering students at Concordia University and mechanical engineering students at McGill. However, the lack of communication with Concordia meant that the robot had to be redesigned from scratch. So a mechanical design was done last year but it was a walking robot, and this year's competition rules changed completely. So the mechanical design had to be redone.

The design of the electrical subsystem was started this year and is moving forward very quickly. It is being built from scratch, completely designed and programmed by students.

Christopher Ayoup - Electrical Engineering - 2nd year (Team Coordinator)
Peter O'Connor - Mechanical Engineering - 1st year
Dana Blake Giacobbi - Mechanical Engineering - 2nd year
Jeffrey Poissant - Mechanical Engineering - 2nd year
Arpi Berajeklian - Mechanical Engineering - 2nd year
Timotei Centea - Mechanical Engineering - 2nd year